January 8, 2019

New Year’s Resolutions for 2019 Boss Couples

New year, New you…  right??  Maybe for the single people!  For wedding planning couples a new year just means, more planning…. cause time’s ticking.

So how ’bout some New Year’s resolutions to make your wedding planning lives easy AF!

Here are some non traditional ideas that will leave you feeling in control like the BOSS COUPLE of wedding planning.

1. Camera-Free Ceremony: DO IT!! Don’t ask friends, family or guests how they might feel or will they be ok with it… just put it in your invite, announce it on your website… or just post a lovely little Esty-made sign that says, No Cell Phones Please. But imagine your wedding ceremony with hearts and eyes focused on you… not on how to turn the flash off & on. Especially your uncle who wanted to bring his new iPad…. to TAKE PICTURES… not browse the web. You hired a photographer to be the person at your wedding to focus on making sure its finest moments are captured… make sure its money well spent by ensuring your ceremony photos are littered with shots of your uncle’s “iPad face”. An Unplugged Ceremony means every image of your wedding ceremony is graced with nothing but smiles and tears.  And we’re only talking about the ceremony… let’em loose for the reception. Werk that hashtag!!

2. Bridal Party of Two: Just you and boo!  Have you ever asked yourself, “why does my friends falling in love and getting married have to cost me so damn much?” God forbid they get married in the same year! Give your friends a break, it’s expensive to be in a wedding party. Whether bridesmaid, bridesman, groomsmen, or grooms-friend…. the matching clothes & shoes add up. Let’em save the cash for your wedding gift. Besides, you know trying to organize the crew can be like herding cats. There are a plethora of ways to let your friend-squad know that they are your most honored guests. Just make sure your wedding is about you and boo first!

3. Meditate More, TOGETHER: I try to work meditation into any blog post and sometimes even conversation…. because meditation helps with a whole lot of things, especially distressing! Breathing slowly and with intent changes your entire being. If you have never meditated, or think you can’t meditate… TRY!! With meditation any attempt is a success! If you don’t think you have time… remember that everybody has time NOT think! Do it together, as a couple, putting this into practice now will set your marriage off on a peaceful start.

4. Hire a Day-Of Wedding Coordinator: Hiring proper wedding planners to help with the entire wedding planning process may be a tad more expensive than your budget allows so why not hire a day-of wedding coordinator? By hiring a professional Day-Of Wedding Coordinator, you can have an awesome time reciting your marital vows and eating wonderful food at the reception while being assured that tasks have been left in capable hands.

5. Never forget “the Moon”: Take a honeymoon! Don’t short change yourself! If it seems too expensive, make your gift registry a “friend-raiser” to help fund it. Cut back on the live band and just have a DJ… don’t leave the bar open, limit it to beer and wine… every bodies friends have found a way to get drunk off of less. Just make sure you take a honeymoon, even if it’s a “mini-moon” (4 days or less). With work, family and potentially kids, you may not have the opportunity for a while. Even a “Staycation” will do you good! Take time to nest together, stay connected… whatever you do don’t go to work right back to work…. stay in bliss for a while.

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