March 12, 2019

Soulmate, Teammate, Bestie

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They’re “artist friends” who’ve orbited in my social circle for some time.  Talented lighting and production designers that I’ve worked with in public theatre.  I’m grateful for my dear friend Matari 3000 who shared my contact info when Yuri asked.  It was a multicultural wedding, lead by a small intimate civil ceremony at a local courthouse with family and friends, followed by dinner by the Redondo Beach Chart House! (they give an amazing deal on a private dinners for large groups, BTDubs)  Spending a little time with Yuri and McLeod will remind you of what exactly crazy love looks like.  As a wedding photographer I’m really passionate about documenting the union of two houses forming into one. Yea its a #GOT thing.  But the point remains, it doesn’t matter where you get married….  the only thing that matters is that the love is with you.




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